Other Writing

1/2hr single-cam pilot entitled "Single Black Female"
[about the struggles and joys of dating in LA as an average black woman]

1/2hr single-cam pilot entitled "Social Work"
[about the inappropriate social lives of employees in a Bay Area non-profit]

1/2hr single-cam pilot entitled "Fruit Fly"
[about this straight girl's dating life and the gay friends inside it]

1/2hr single-cam version of pilot entitled "Pussy-Whipped"
[about three guys, a girl and a really cute cat]

1/2hr cable pilot entitled "Like a Boss"
[about a terrible boss and the underlings who loathe her]

1/2hr single-cam pilot entitled "The Slutty Years"
[about three nerd-roommates navigating dating in their mid-twenties]

1/2hr single-cam pilot entitled "Piece of Cake"
[about a sarcastic mom raising a bakery business and a family, in that order]

1/2hr cable pilot entitled "Bump"
[about a good girl who works for a friendly coke dealer]

1/2hr cable pilot entitled "Racquet"
[about a high school drug racket...and tennis]

1/2hr multi-cam pilot entitled "Pussy-Whipped"
[about my younger brother's love life]

comedy web series pilot entitled "Kate, Divorced"
[about a new divorcee on the prowl]

drama pilot entitled "Made in Brooklyn"
[about the genesis of a mob wife]

drama pilot entitled "Rings" (semi-finalist in 2011 Austin Film Festival)
[about a family of misbehaving circus performers]

comedy short entitled "The HR Experience"
[about cruel HR in an un-PC world]

FEATURESbroad comedy entitled "Like a Boss"
[about re-branding a terrible boss with a harassment suit over her head]

dark comedy entitled "Blame Candy" (3rd place winner of the 2011 Goldwyn Award)
[about consensual student-teacher sex at a Catholic school]

comedic essay entitled "A Good Feel" (published in the LA Review of Books, 2018)
[about three common things a modern women thinks about: food, social media and fear]

comedic essay entitled "Suck My Banana"
[about an apple who hates all other fruit]

short story entitled "Two in the Pink"
[about some pg-13 high school lovin']

one-act comedy play entitled "SOLD!"
about a break-up artist for hire]

articles for the gaggle - about sex, love, dating and dumping
"shit girls say" parody entitled "Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys" - click here to watch
22 episodes of comedy/lifestyle web series, "How to Live" (creator and host)
articles for rope of silicon - about movies seen, loved & hated

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